table-row-highlighter.js – now as jQuery-plugin

In an effort to make it easier integratable to existing environments, I have now created a jQuery-plugin as well. Thanks to Mats as well for suggesting it!

See the original blogpost – for information of the concept – or go straight to the demo-page or jquery-demo-page to watch it in action. jQuery has turned out to be the tool of choice for many developers out there, both because of it ease of use and it’s powerful features. ¬†Although jQ might be a little overkill for some applications, it has the sleakest way of packaging a lot of functionality and allowing for modularity through plugins as I’ve experienced so far. Feel free to contribute if you’d like :), i.e. adapting it to other frameworks or suggest new neat features.

Please give it a try and let me know what you think!



$(document).ready(function() {
  var params = {}; // See the jquery-demo-page for available parameters

Known limitations

You should avoid activating it at more than one table on each page for now – the next version will have fixed this with several activation-modes. The next version will also include dynamic column-selection as well, allowing i.e. to let the users press any column to match against.

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