New job, quadcopter and more

A lot of things are currently happening and here’s a very short summary.

I’ve started in a new job!

I’m now employed by Kongsberg Protech as a “project engineer” and I’m looking forward to try out life as a regular employee, compared to being self-employed which I’ve been the last three years. I’ll be working in parallel with school until the summer when I graduate, after which I’ll be working full-time. Looks great so far 🙂 !

My bachelor assignment

We are developing a quadcopter (helicopter with four propellers). We’re making a steady progress and it’s a very interesting project on my behalf as I’m responsible for developing the software for the micro controller  which will get input from a radio controller, an accelerometer and a gyroscope and then perform a shitload of regulations to finally control the engines. The main goals are to make it stable, easy to fly and ready for add-ons such as cameras etc.

Here’s our webpage if you’re interested in checking out further what’s it all about.

To come

  • I’m currently reading “PHP 5 Social Networking” which I was asked to review. It looks interesting so far and I’ll write more about it soon.
  • I’ve also got a few other projects and posts just idling and I’ll very soon get around to finish those.
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