My favourite guitarists

As anyone who barely know me knows, I’m very passionate regarding music, and even more when it comes to guitars – which for me is the instrument which the best allows a single player to express himself. So this post goes out to generally all musicians and music-lovers out there, and specifically to all of you guitar players – no matter if you’re pro, semi-pro, wannabe, nachspiel-hero or a complete newbie just eager to learn how to play. I will also, as well, tell you short about some of my favourite guitarists – I could go on forever 🙂 :

Stevie Ray Vaughan (1954 – 1990)

Stevie (SRV)  is my personal favourite musician and guitar-player – no doubt. He has an amazing energy (watch any concert) and is a true maestro on the guitar besides being a good song-writer and a descent singer. The genre of choice was mainly electric blues, and few others have made such an impact on the genre as he has. He was again inspired by artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Albert King. SRV Died as a result of a tragic helicopter accident on October 3, 1990.

Recommended treats – (Album in parenthesis)

Marius Müller (1958 – 1999)

One of the greatest Norwegian musicians and guitarists that I know of. He is greatly underrated as far as I feel, partly because he’s commercially only remembered for the songs “Den du veit” and “Carmen“, whereas “Den du veit” is an easygoing rock-tune and Carmen is a ballad although with some beautiful guitar-parts.

Marius died as a result of feeling ill while driving.

Check him out at Spotify or buy a CD or three.

Recommended treats

  • My town (The Big Beat)
  • Your blues (Plugged!)
  • Soul of a man (Big / Plugged!)
  • Sunburst Shuffle (Seks)
  • Ikke tru et ord (Marius Müller) – Norwegian Thin Lizzy-cover 😀

David Gilmour (1946 – 2009-and-counting)

While perhaps not the most technically skilled guitarists, he has an distinct style and adds a heck of a lot of attitude and feelings to his compositions which never fails to impress me. Adding this to his eminent songwriting-skills – it just gives me the goosebumps. Every time. His best work is together with Pink Floyd, but he do have a lot worth listening to when it comes to his solo-albums as well.

Recommended treats

But there are more – lots more

There are many great guitarists out there, no doubt. Some other personal favourites worth mentioning are Don Felder of The Eagles (used to be, at least); Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits (ah, Brothers in arms – beautiful!); Nils Lofgren of the E-street band and Crazy Horse – but I admire him the most for his solo-work (check out his “Acoustic Live”); and of course Øystein Sunde.

Everyone mentioned here could of course fill a bunch of posts each and every one, but as I like to keep it short and simple I’ll let the clips “speak” for them selves :).

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