Essential mac-applications

Here follows my must-have os x-applications, and several of them are the very reasons themselves I use a mac as my main workstation:

  • Opera (free) – my browser of choice, for development as well as everyday browsing.
  • Transmit (!free, but well worth it) -I’ve yet to find a better FTP-client on any platform. It’s a reason for switching to mac all by itself.
  • Quicksilver (free) – I didn’t understand what all the fuzz was about until I installed it myself. It doesn’t save the day, but it makes it all a little more efficient.
  • OnMyCommand (free) – easily customize the context-menues. I.e. “Create new file here”. Although it’s a pity how, in Leopard, everything is grouped under “More”.
  • Smultron (free) – a very neat text-editor and basic “IDE”. It has those code-features I need, and some more. No bloat whatsoever.
  • Adium (free) – the sleakest and most well-featured IM-client so far – only missing webcam-support. It makes all other IM-clients look, feel and behave like garbage.Well, Digsby wasn’t that bad actually.
  • SCPlugin (free) – os x-equivalent of TortoiseSVN
  • OmniOutliner (!free) – well, an outliner, great for brainstorming, todo-lists, etc etc. Best of it’s kind as far as I’ve had the chance to test.

There are of course other apps I use, like Firefox, Skype, etc for my day-to-day business, testing (beeing a webdeveloper), but those up there are the single most important ones.


I’ve quite recently come across two other applications which have stood out regarding makeing my days a little bit easier:

  • iGTD (free) – “Getting things done”, basicly a todo-list-app, but with great organization features and a quite sleek interface.
  • Path Finder (!free) – Finder on steroids. It has support for tabs (my main reason for giving it a try at all), a great bread-crumb-system, and quite a bit of other useful features. It’s well worth a try!
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