Why I use Opera over Firefox

Trent at “The Linux Critic” recently wrote a good post about his five reasons why he prefers Opera over Firefox and pinpoints the same reasons I would chose to mention if I’d written such a post. It’s well worth a read – for users of any browser.

I feel it’s important that there is a open discussion about the ups and downs between the “alternative” browsers as I would like to see the best browsers possible. Right now the main focus of the normal tech-savvy folks is to promote Firefox as the hero to break IE’s monopoly. It’s all great – but to get a truly widespread usage to the average computer-users as well as the power-users we have to offer an alternative with the least possible amount of compromises and with the best implemented features that ease ones days on the web. Right now Firefox is not doing that. Neither is Opera – but I think Opera is quite a bit ahead by now – and been so for a couple of years.

Firefox is not a bad choice – quite the opposite actually. It has done some great improvements during it’s lifetime, but in my case does still lack those features that makes me think: “That was clever, this will make my day a little easier”. Some of it’s extensions has – but I don’t like the way they rest on the extensions (and inevitably – the end-users) to do all the work.

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