My look on the web

I feel strongly for the idea of the open web. A web accessible for everyone.

Now, this doesn’t mean that every single page on the web should be 100% identical for everyone, but more like: Relevant information ought to be available and easily accessible by those who need and/or want it, regardless of disabilities. So in my view, it is important to separate the thought of content and functionality on the web. ¬†And as well, in these days of the ever-increasing amount of web-applications this has got to be taken into account. As I’ll discuss further in a soon-to-come post there are some things to take into consideration whether the “website” actually is a website, or a web-application. In short: every web-application doesn’t necessarily have to be accessible to everyone, regardless of platform, disability etc, while most of the websites does have to be so.

There is a common misunderstanding that idea of the open web mean that every piece of content, associated with every bit of fancy functionality ought to be done in such a way that everyone – regardless if they’re using IE 5, some old Netscape or even Lynx -should be able to enjoy both the content and the functionality.

How I/to do it

When I create a website for any company, I do make sure that all of their public content is accessible – this mean that the webpages are neatly marked up in as meaningful markup as possible, as while as making sure my stylesheets as looking fancy for the waste majority of users, and using javascript just to enchance the experience for those of them who support/enable it. This way it will be accessible for those using supporting UA’s (ie. those with reduced sight) and also degrades nicely for those with older browsers – or for some other reasons doesn’t fully support CSS and/or JavaScript).

This is not anything new for anyone who’ve heard for web-standards, semantic markup and progressive enhancement – which in turn will make sure of graceful degradation.

I know there are those out there who will shoot me for not saying that 100% ought to be accessible to everyone, but as we live in a real world – we have to make real decisions to make real business.

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