Google Wave – the email-killer?

Google recently announced their new tool/protocol/invention, Wave. I’ve seen their presentation and read through most the documentation, and think it will be interesting to see how it will evolve in the future. It’s currently only available as a sand-boxed version for invited developers, as well as it is possible to ask for access – I do not have any idea yet of how many there is who will gain access in this “early” stage.

What is Google Wave?

Google Wave is simply a way of communicating, with it’s own protocol, which aims to replace IM and e-mail and other means of some-to-some communication. They are trying to remove the limitations of the regular communication-apps to ease the flow (waves) of information. This means that every conversation is a tree of messages, which in turn can contain text-messages, video, documents, images etc, and with control of it’s own history as well as access-control – mainly by inviting users to the conversation, but it’s also possible to delegate access to any sub-trees.

The protocol is open, making it possible for anyone to build their own systems – a good decision, i think, by Google as it will have to reach widely to get the share and usage it will have to get to be a success.

Will it succeed?

It depends on what they think of as success. In some way or another – yes. It’s undoubtedly some good ideas, although little or nothing by itself is revolutionary. Similarly solutions exists already, but just as proprietary software as far as I know, so the idea of making it freely available, easily embeddable and with a good API is one I really like. Not to forget that it all is supposed to run inside a web-browser 😀 .

It is not likely that it will be of regular use anytime soon, as it relays heavily on HTML5-features as well as a proposed addition of their own – although it is these kind of “killer-apps” that possible could speed up the adaptment of the specification in the coming UA’s and the transition to these new UA’s for the end-users.

But it is yet to tell if it will replace the regular emails and IMs as they are deeply rooted in ways of communication the regular users really can associate with – sending letters, and talking – but I personally would love to see it happen!

What do you think? Is it anything new, does it have potential, or is it just old ideas in a new suite?

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